“Fynboerne – Kunsten frem for alt” / “Art Above All” about the turn-of-the-century group of painters from the Danish island of Funen at Kunstmuseum Brandts.

The show focuses on three of the central couples from the movement: The Larsens, The Swanes, and the Sybergs.

It examined the different conditions the wife and the husband would have to create their art under, and the effect this would have in their choices of motif and scale of the artworks.

The walls were painted in richly textured paints and clad with wooden strips imitating wall mouldings, to create an atmosphere apt for this specific era.

We re-discovered a range of display cabinets from the original Fyns Kunstmuseum, one of the first buildings in Denmark to be built solely for the purpose of being an art museum. A selection of letters and family photos were displayed in these.

The show was curated by Thorlak Madsen as part of a PhD research project.

All photos by David Stjernholm.