Exhibition design for the show “Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction” at Rungstedlund, the historical home of Danish author Karen Blixen. The show exhibits decoupages and drawings by Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II.

Her Majesty The Queen designed the scenography and costumes for the 2023 Bille August feature film “Ehrengard”. The Queen created a vast number of découpages in her work for the film, as a means to visualize the fairy tale world of the Karen Blixen novella that the movie was based on.

As part of the exhibition design we designed custom book tables, frames, and easels as well as stools and benches.

All furniture was built by Rammelisten in ash wood, treated with pigmented linseed oil.

Graphic design was done by Studio Atlant.

All photos by David Stjernholm.